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Our Key is Service Value

What is water without a faucet, or natural gas without a furnace? One of the ways we diferentiate ourselves is by providing our customers with tools, services and options that help them get the most out of their internet connection.

Data Transfer Packages

If you find that you are exceeding your service package Data Transfer limit, or if you find that your internet usage is growing, it might be worth it for you to add a Data Transfer Package to your plan.

Link Guard

Link Guard protects against service repair and equipment replacement costs as a result of Fire, Lightning, Power Surges & Spikes*, tornados, flood, other acts of nature and realignment.

*Approved surge protection required.

Data Guard

If you're like most folks you have begun to amass quite the collection of digital photos, videos and important documents in digital format. If you're like most folks, you likely also don't have a backup of that data!

Do you have a strategy for data recovery?

I-NetLink is pleased to offer to our customers a secure solution to their backup needs. Your data never leaves our network - it does not cross out into the Internet - and it stays safe right here in our province at secured, redundant locations. Click here to find out more.

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